Four 2022 Can’t-Miss Wedding Trends

With the pandemic continuing to reshape the wedding industry, 2022 marks a new start in many ways. Many couples are ready to finally celebrate their nuptials in person with family and friends, while others are remaining more cautious and focusing on virtual or intimate weddings. Below are four popular wedding trends you’re likely to see in 2022 and beyond.

Unique Flower Arrangements

Although a gorgeous mixed bouquet or a streamlined spray of roses will always remain classics, today’s planners are re-imagining traditional wedding flowers—in part due to supply chain shortages. Some brides and grooms are choosing mixed greenery in lieu of flowers, adding non-traditional colors and textures to the mix. Others are decorating with pressed flower petals, dried flowers or greenery, or other preserved options that provide a romantic backdrop and are easier to source. By considering outside-the-box flower arrangements, you may be able to save money while giving your guests something to talk about.

Bold and Offbeat Colors

Over the last decade, popular wedding color themes have included pink, turquoise, navy, violet, and deep burgundy. But in 2022, wedding colors are forking into two directions—one with classic neutrals that will provide a timeless feel, the other with bold, bright colors that harken back to the 1960s and 1970s.

Some of these neutrals that will be in high demand include certain shades of green, cream, ivory, beige, gray, and greige. And the bolder colors like marigold yellow or bright crimson can be deployed in combination with milder tones, providing cohesiveness to the overall wedding theme.

Interactive Entertainment

In a post-pandemic world, traditional forms of wedding entertainment—generally a live band or a DJ spinning music—may not be enough to get the crowd’s attention. But offbeat and interactive entertainment options, like professional dancers, fortune-tellers, tarot card readers, or stand-up comedians, are more likely to draw in guests and give them stories to tell for years to come. If space is at a premium, you can consider an interactive or coordinated guest activity instead of a human entertainer, from a paint-your-own souvenir to asking guests to write down words of wisdom for the happy couple that will later be compiled into a book.

Destination Weddings Remain a Classic

With air travel finally beginning to ramp up again, destination weddings are back on the menu. And these weddings are more than just inviting your closest family and friends on a trip to a far-away location; they’re also about getting married in a way that simply isn’t available at home. For example, some intimate spring and summer weddings can be held on a sailboat or catamaran, setting a peaceful and grounded backdrop for the beginning of your married lives together.

In other situations, or if travel isn’t an option for certain relatives, you may also be able to bring the destination wedding to your home city. By having a cohesive theme that runs from cuisine to decor to entertainment, you can provide an immersive cultural experience for your guests that’s sure to be talked about fondly.

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