How to Plan a Golf Fundraiser Event


So, you want to hold a golf tournament for your charitable organization? A great event can bring people together for fun, all while raising funds and awareness for your organization. With some thorough planning and preparation, you can host your most fun and successful golf fundraiser yet.

One of the first and most important steps to planning your charitable organization’s next golf fundraising event is finding the perfect location. In order to maximize the success of your event, you’ll need a course that can expertly accommodate your guests from the beginning of the event until the end. A little research into the favorite courses in your area can help point you in the right direction. To do this, talk to golfers you know, to the staff at a few courses, and visit the courses you have in mind. By taking the time to identify the best course for your event, you’ll accomplish one of the biggest hurdles in planning.

Second to the course selection, but arguably as important, is the support offered at the course through the event staff. By selecting a full-service club, you’ll eliminate the hassle of coordinating any dining or reception needs, and the staff will be able to help you plan your event, increasing its success in raising money and awareness for your organization.

Before meeting with the course’s staff, you should decide a few things ahead of time, including: How many golfers do you hope to have participate?
Do you know the format of the tournament you’d like to hold? If not, the staff at your selected golf club should be able to help.
Do you plan to have a reception or banquet in addition to your golf event?
If you do plan to hold a reception or dining event, how much do you anticipate spending per golfer?
Do you need help on the day of the event from the club’s staff, or will staff or volunteers from your organization be on hand to help?

Having answers to these questions will help when it is time for the course to put together a proposal for your event.

Finding the perfect venue for your golf fundraiser is the key to a successful event. The course at Tara Golf and Country Club is designed with the avid golfer in mind. Awarded the 2016 Top 50 Private Club driving ranges in the nation, the course at Tara is regarded as one of our area’s premier golf facilities. Because our facility is so highly regarded, it is an excellent choice for your next charitable golf fundraiser in Bradenton. Our staff is committed to providing their guests with excellent service on a premier course every day. Our expert special events team is ready to help you plan and host your most successful charity golf event yet.

Visit or call us today to request a proposal for your next event, the expert staff at Tara Golf and Country Club is ready to help.

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