Preparing for Outdoor Wedding Venues During the Sarasota Rainy Season

Outdoor wedding venues offer stunning backdrops for your special day. However, in Sarasota, you must prepare for rain when making any plans. Rain on your wedding day does not have to be a negative thing. Check out these tips on preparing for rain on your wedding day.

Preparing for Rain at Outdoor Wedding Venues

Considering the elements is vital while planning your wedding. If you are set on outdoor wedding venues during the Sarasota rainy season, it is important to consider if a tent is in your budget. You have the opportunity to get creative with your tent on your big day. A tent can act like an additional canvas for your unique style. Consider a clear tent or hanging additional flowers to add some flare.

What to Wear

There are tons of fashionable ways to incorporate a rainy day style. Rain boots can add an individualized look to a wedding dress. Clear umbrellas add a more stylish touch. In addition, clear umbrellas make for stunning photos at outdoor wedding venues. Also, there are many options for water resistant pea coats that will add a unique style to your dress.

In addition, there are a few steps you can take beforehand to protect your wedding dress. We recommend having a professional spray the hem of your dress for extra protection. This is always beneficial at outdoor wedding venues. Also, don’t forget to enlist the help of your bridal party to protect your dress.

Prepare for the Weather

There are a variety of things to pack if you think you may experience rain. Remember to pack some towels to dry off. It may be beneficial to bring a hair dryer in case you or one of your party members need a touch up. In addition, there are products that will help protect your makeup from the weather.

If rain makes an appearance at Sarasota’s outdoor wedding venues, there are tons of ways to combat. Our team of professionals at Tara Golf & Country Club are ready to help bring your dream wedding to life, no matter what the weather. Contact us to bring your dream wedding to life.

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