Tips for Your Fall Wedding in Florida

Following seasonal wedding trends can be a fun addition to your wedding. It can be a great way to add a fresh style to your special day. However, in Bradenton, Florida we typically still have the South Florida heat during the fall. Not everyone is enamored with decorating with plaid, pumpkins, and including the color orange when it’s still so warm. We have pulled tips for adding fall trends into your wedding without including the stereotypical motifs that are associated with a Northern fall. If you are planning a Florida wedding that will take place this fall, consider some of these trending tips for the season.

Tips for Your Fall Wedding in Florida

Moody Flowers

This fall, muted hues are predicted to be popular for floral arrangements. While last fall dark tones were popular, this season hues like peachy-caramel, a deep rose, something blue-grey or a dusty lavender can be expected. Hues that are dustier like these examples bring up sentiments of autumn without being as heavy as some of the colors that you think of in a northern autumn. These hushed colors are rich in feel and can add a romantic tone to your florals. The dustier colors will appear a tad lighter than some purely rich, dark hues may; which will coincide with the warmer fall atmosphere.

Add Some Texture

Texture and layers are predicted to be a popular trend this fall. From decorations, to your dress, texture is predicted to be very popular. The stereotypical fall pattern that adds texture is plaid, but that may not be fitting your ideal Florida wedding. Consider different types of woods with leather details for your tables to add some life and echo fall. Marble table tops are a trending item for fall 2019 as well. Woodsy details such as moss with blues and greens can add to the feeling of fall while still holding onto the Florida ambiance.

Tips for Your Fall Wedding in Florida natural tones

Natural Tones

It is predicted that green tones will be popular this season. Olive, silvery sage, and forest greens add feelings of nature and the changing of the season. While it can be cliché to think of deep oranges or including large dried leaves in arrangements, consider something that softly alludes to autumn, such as berries.

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