Tips For Your Venue Decor

Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, a corporate event, a birthday party, or a wedding, the venue décor you choose can go a long way towards setting the mood. Tapping into your creativity and paying attention to the small details will help you create a truly memorable experience.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert decorator or a party planner to make your event venue look like it was professionally designed. These four simple tips will help make your next event the talk of the town.

Create an Artistic Food Display

With a little bit of innovation, the food you serve can also become a show-stopping centerpiece. From creating a donut wall or a boat buffet to a creative DIY bar, there are tons of ways to have fun with food.

For outdoor events, try setting up “Beer Barrows” – wheelbarrows filled with beer placed in strategic locations. Use chalkboard runners as a fun way to identify the foods you’re serving, or add some embellishments like spun sugar and edible glitter to your dessert table. Once you start to think creatively, the options are virtually endless.

Get Creative with Your Table Décor

If your event involves table settings, pay attention to everything from the cutlery and napkins to the arrangements and party favors. If you have room in your budget, this is a great place to go a bit over the top with your décor. You can also create inexpensive (but equally jaw-dropping) settings using items that can also double as your party favors – think small wooden lanterns and candles, glitter-dipped mason jars filled with flower cuttings, or small succulents.

Incorporate Lighting into Your Design

Changing the lighting can shift the entire vibe of a space, so use this to your advantage. Spotlights can help you bring attention to a particular piece of décor and can also be used to draw attention away from certain parts of the venue. You can also use tube lights, chandeliers, string lights, hanging lanterns, and tabletop candles to help set the proper ambiance. Since lighting comes in so many different shapes and colors, it allows for a lot of versatility.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are many fun ways to incorporate technology into your venue décor. One of the simplest is to create a digital photo wall with images that play on a loop during the event. You could also use tablets for your centerpieces as a cool way to keep your guests engaged. They can display presentations, event information, or improve visibility for guests who may not have a great view of the stage.

A social wall is another fun piece of tech décor. Use a wall of screens to display people’s social posts in real-time during the event. Encourage your guests to use a specific hashtag when posting photos, then use it to flash the posts on the wall. This is sure to add a bit of excitement to the event and make it extra memorable, especially for guests who have never seen this sort of thing before.

Let Tara Golf & Country Club Help Plan Your Next Event

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