2021 Wedding Trends Every Bride Needs to Know

If you’re planning a wedding this year, there’s little doubt that things will look a bit different than they have in the past. Many of the top 2021 wedding trends have been influenced by the past year’s challenges. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Today’s brides are taking things in stride, making intentional decisions, and creating stunningly beautiful weddings that guests will forever remember. Here’s a look at some of the top 2021 wedding trends every bride needs to know.

Weekday Weddings

Since so many 2020 brides decided to postpone their ceremonies, vendors and venues are hard to come by. This has led many couples to look beyond the typical Saturday and Sunday wedding dates and consider a weekday wedding instead.

This decision improves your chances of scoring your dream venue and hiring your preferred vendors. You might find that it saves you a bit of money as well.

Intimate Guest Lists

Another popular 2021 wedding trend is the micro-wedding. Many couples are finding that having 50 or fewer guests makes their weddings more intimate and emotional. It also allows couples to spend more quality time with each guest, ensuring you’ll create plenty of lasting memories.

Formal Dinner Service

Safety concerns have made a traditional wedding buffet far less popular. Today’s couples are typically opting for elegant plated meals instead. Since the guest lists are often smaller, this 2021 wedding trend gives the bride and groom the opportunity to really get creative with their menu.

Non-Traditional Meals

Couples who don’t love the idea of a formal dinner are now often choosing alternatives like food trucks or bagged lunches. Some are skipping a full dinner altogether and choosing to have a simple cake and champagne reception instead.

Assigned Seating

In past years, open seating was the way to go. However, we’re seeing many more couples opting for assigned seating – both for the ceremony and the reception. Many guests like the idea of knowing they’re going to be seated with people they know (and like!) rather than dealing with a free-for-all when they arrive. While assigning seating requires a bit of effort, you guests will appreciate the gesture. 

Individual Wedding Cakes

This year, some couples are foregoing the large traditional wedding cake and opting for individual-sized mini wedding cakes instead. They can be served as part of the seated dinner or sent home with guests at the end of the night. This 2021 wedding trend began out of a concern for safety. However, it has been so well-received that we think it’s here to stay.

Focus on Local

While sustainability was one of the hottest trends last year, in 2021, more brides and grooms are concerned about locally sourcing as much as possible. By choosing local vendors for everything from food and florals to wedding favors, couples can reduce their carbon footprint while also supporting small, artisan businesses.

Incorporating some of these 2021 wedding trends into your big day can help ensure it’s truly memorable. At Tara Golf & Country Club, we’ll make sure every aspect of your day is exactly as you dreamed it would be. Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your wedding vision into a reality. 

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